Components and Props

In a previous article we talked about rendering in React and as a simple example rendering React elements. But this doesn't reflect what everyone who uses React does when creating an application. In this article we will be discussing the concept of components and an important concept called props which goes over how data can… Continue reading Components and Props

Understanding rendering

In the blocks of understanding necessary to get a model of React in our minds the concept of rendering is key. We are using the syntax of JSX to design our user interface and translating this into an output on the screen, this is rendering. Now suppose in an HTML document you have <div id="root>… Continue reading Understanding rendering

Embedded QR Code Scanner and Browser in React Native

How to embed a QR Code Scanner and web browser in your next React Native App Introduction For a recent freelancing project I was asked to provide QR Code scanning functionality embedded in a stand-alone mobile iOS app. I was aware of QR Code scanning packages available on the node package manager but never really needed… Continue reading Embedded QR Code Scanner and Browser in React Native