My name is Aaron, I’m a practicising Doctor based in Edinburgh. I’m currently teaching an Online MSc Internal Medicine and I’m passionate about python and how we can use technology to improve the healthcare system.

I have set up this blog to help other practicing doctors and those learning programming get started, My day to day is clinical education and I want to extend this into the world of programming. This will also be a place for me to display programming projects I am currently working on as well providing a place for potential clients to see the work I have completed and am currently doing.

Why do this?

  • I’m passionate about healthcare, technology and programming and want to help others who have similar interests
  • A place to communicate with others and collaborate with
  • A place for me to focus my energy in getting projects out and to teaching others things I’ve learnt to help re-enforce that.

Anyone that is interested in collaborating with or chatting about how I can help you if that’s just general advice or specific python project you want some help with please do get in contact.

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